Meadows Green is located in the Old Meadows area of Nottingham comprising two adjacent developments, Trent Works and Mundella. The development is our third in the area alongside the highly successful Hobart and Pitcairn and Green Street projects.

We recognised several years ago that the area was one of the most under appreciated and with the most potential in the city. Its close proximity to the beautiful, historic Victoria Embankment, the Victorian character of Old Meadows and the large amount of green space and parks makes it a truly unique location.

For Meadows Green we decided to create two distinct developments that are sensitive to the architectural character of the area whilst being thoroughly modern in terms of design and evironmental credientials.

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Mundella Open Plan.jpg

Mundella - coming soon!

Unique Art Deco apartments - REGISTER YOU INTEREST

Mundella was previously a local authority building designed in the Art Deco style dating from the 1920’s. The building retains most of its original features including interesting external brickwork, decorative floor details, large – almost industrial sized – windows and leaded decorative glasswork.

The most unusual and distinctive feature of the building is the internal courtyard, balcony and verandas. While this building was always used for local authorities and was never previously residential, the internal courtyard is great period asset to any modern living space.


We discovered the internal courtyard to be heavily overgrown but immediately recognised its potential for a private communal garden. Whilst there are a few apartments in the city in a similar style, we’re not aware of any that have been developed in recent years and, as far as we know, there are none with such an impressive internal courtyard. This will make Mundella distinctly different period apartments and present a unique opportunity.

The Apartments

The apartments are split across two floors all with access to the internal courtyard garden. The homes are characterised by their large windows and high ceilings, open plan living areas and period features throughout the development. 

Explore Mundella pre-development with this Photographic documentary of the architectural details of Mundella by photographer James Gardiner. 

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Trent Works

Modern Victorian Houses and apartments - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Reflecting on the character of the Old Meadows and its distinctive mix of victorian industrial and residential, Trent Works is a new development that we’ve described as ‘modern Victorian’. 

Trent Works takes it's inspiration from Victorian design principles with improved features for a modern lifestyle. There are a number of different house and apartment styles in Trent Works that include features such as verandas and terraces, open plan living areas and easy off-street parking. The development is located on two existing streets; Felton Road and Wilford Crescent East, as well as a new private cul de sac.

The character of the properties is designed to work alongside the existing historic architectural language, avoiding pastiche and being thoroughly fit for modern living.

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Check out the photographic documentary of the Old Meadows by Photographer James Gardiner and see what’s in the area.